Naval Junior ROTC

2019-2020 Cortez NJROTC Company

  (2006, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) 

 - 2015 AREA 11 "MOST IMPROVED UNIT"                                                              
 - 2015 Cortez High School Achievement Above All Student Group Award
 - 2006 Cortez High School Achievement Above All Student Group Award

               "Always ready for the next evolution!"


Naval Science Courses Cover:

  • Citizenship
  • Fundamentals of Leadership
  • Naval History
  • Foundations of Our Government
  • Naval Customs, Ranks & Drills
  • Health Education & Physical Fitness
  • First Aid & Survival Training
  • Naval Ship Construction & Damage Control

NJROTC is NOT a recruiting program for the military. In fact, there is no military obligation. 
NJROTC is NOT "boot camp" to straigthten out students with behavioral problems.

What NJROTC Does: 

  • Develops informed and responsible citizens
  • Develops a high degree of personal honor, self-reliance and discipline
  • Develops and empowers cadet leaders
  • Promotes the pursuit of higher learning
  • Promotes camaraderie and teamwork
  • Promotes community service
  • Promotes respect for authority
  • Provides incentive to live healthy and drug free lives


Senior Naval Science Instructor            Naval Science Instructor
Dan Vass  (click for Bio                    James A. Crowell

Chief Warrant Officer, USN (Ret)         Gunnery Sergeant, USMC(Ret)         
Office: (623) 915-8229                         Office: (623) 915-8283