Dual Enrollment Courses

Why Dual Enrollment?

The Dual Enrollment Program allows students to...
  • Enroll in college courses taught at their high school.
  • Earn college credits while taking high school courses.
  • Transition from high school to college more easily.
  • Receive a quality college experience in a familiar and comfortable environment.
  • Earn credits that transfer to colleges and universities and apply towards degree or certificate programs.
  • Take academic college-level courses and/or career and technical courses.
  • Receive instruction by high school teachers who meet community college certified requirements.
(Info retrieved from: http://www.gccaz.edu/dualenrollment/6298.htm)

Cortez High School offers the following Dual Enrollment Courses:

  • Welding 
  • College Algebra
  • Honors Pre-Calculus
  • AP Calculus