Terms To Know

(ECAP) Educational Career Action Plan: A 4 year plan showing the required courses & elective courses which will lead to graduation,college and a career.


GPA: Grade point average – an average of your grades converted to a 4.0 scale (4.0=A, 3.0=B, 2.0=C, 1.0=D), then divided by the number of classes you’ve taken.


Class Rank: Determined by GPA - compares students' academic performance with others in the class. Usually higher class ranked students have taken accelerated courses and kept grades at A’s & B’s. (Please note that the number of honors courses you take will also determine/affect class rank).

Technical Schools: Offer occupationally specific programs of study such as autos, cosmetology, business; tend to be very expensive.(Examples: MMI, Artistic Beauty School, Art Institute of Phx, Devry, ITT Tech).


Community College: Financially very affordable & offer many occupationally specific programs as well as a transfer programs to the university. (GCC, PC, MCC, etc)


University/College: Four or five years to complete a bachelors degree, strict entrance requirements. (ASU, UofA, NAU, Grand Canyon Univ).


Financial Aid: Ways of paying for post-secondary education: scholarships, grants, loans, work study.