Nicholas Wostl


Per. 1

Welding Technology 3-4

Per. 2 Welding Technology 1-2
Per. 3 Welding Technology 1-2
Per. 4 Lunch
Per. 5 Cabinetmaking 1-2 / 3-4
Per. 6 Cabinetmkaing 1-2
Per. 7 prep

Nick Wostl  has been at Cortez since 2001, he began here at Cortez teaching Autos, Metals, and Woods. Now is currently the Applied Technology Department Chair, and instructing Cabinetmaking, and Welding Technology. Nick is also the Cortez Golf coach as well as the club sponsor for Cortez's Skills USA club

Nick Wostl  has a bachelor's degree in Technology Education from Oswego State University in New York.