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Mr. Vazquez


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ELL Reading 3-4

Per. 2 ELL Reading 1
Per. 3 ELL Conv/Acad Vocab.
Per. 4 Lunch
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ELL Reading 1

Per. 6 ELL Conv/Acad Vocab.
Per. 7 Prep Hour

     Welcome to my Webpage. My name is Antonio Vazquez a Native of Arizona. Father of two wonderful Daughters Lucero and Andrea and Husband of a loving wife. I am the youngest of eight siblings. I have been Teaching for thirteen exciting and rewarding years. Five of those years I was a Physical Education Teacher and High School Basketball, Track and Volleyball Coach. The last seven years I have been here at Cortez High School. I am currently the ELL Department Chair and Varsity Soccer, Cross Country Coach. I acquired a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and Physical Education from Arizona State University. I also have a Masters Degree in English as a Second Language from Ottawa University.                           

Any Questions Please call 623-915-8200      ext 4121