Marshall Rubin

Marshall Rubin




Per. 1

Engineering Science 1-2

Per. 2 Prep
Per. 3 Engineering Science 1-2
Per. 4 Advanced Engineering 3-4
Per. 5 Lunch
Per. 6 *Engineering Math
Per. 7 Drafting & Design 1-2

I Marshall Rubin am in my 6th year teaching at Cortez, in the Applied Technology department.

I teach the drafting program where students learn how to use CAD programs to create in 2 and 3 dimensional drawings.  We recently incorporated a 3d printer into the program that allows students to manufacture the parts that they design.

I also teach the engineering program that focuses on design process, problem solving, and different areas of technology with a strong emphasis in robotics and automation.

I will be piloting the new engineering mathematics course for the first time in the district to provide seniors with a new opprotunity to meet their graduation requirements.

I run a chapter of SkillsUSA where students are able to compete in the VEX mobile robotics competition.

I am also the head Chess coach here at Cortez

I also sponsor a strategy gaming club, and robotics club.

The best way to contact me is through email, use the "Contact Me" link to the left.