Kris Costley



Per. 1

TScience 1-2

Per. 2 Biology 1-2
Per. 3 Biology 1-2
Per. 4 Lunch
Per. 5 TScience 1-2
Per. 6 TScience 1-2
Per. 7 Prep


Kris Costley graduated high school in Michigan and served in the U.S. Air Force at the NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado Springs, CO. Earning an Associate's Degree in Science at Delta Community College in Michigan, he later worked as an office supervisor for Anylsts, Inc., oil analysis labs, in both Texas and California.  

Mr. Costley completed his Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education-Biological Sciences and his Masters in Educational Administration and Supervision at ASU West. Since his arrival at Cortez in 1994, Mr. Costley has sponsored the sophomore class, coached JV girl's basketball and coached at all three levels of both football and baseball.