Lindsay Bray



Per. 1 English 1-2


Per. 2 Honors English 1-2
Per. 3 English 1-2
Per. 4 Lunch
Per. 5 Honors English 1-2  
Per. 6 English 1-2  
Per. 7 English1-2  

Lindsay Bray has been at Cortez since 2000, where she began her career as a Language Arts teacher. In 2002 she became the English 1-2 team leader and is currently.  She coached various levels of softball from 2001 to 2005 and volleyball in 2003. She has sponsored various student council classes from 2000 to 2004. She was the Title I Coordinator from 2007-2012, where she managed the CHS Learning Center and Title I programs, along with the CHS Summer MELO program. She is also an active site member of the GUEA and serves as the DAC representative for her campus.

Bray has a bachelor's degree in English Education from Arizona State University and is working on a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University, along with various graduate courses.