"WHIPLASH" Honors Student

WHIPLASH" Honors Student
Posted on 2019/10/03
Monster Truck "WHIPLASH" and Driver Brianna Mahon

Today, during both lunches, you may have heard some revving of engines toward the football field. Indeed, we did have a Monster Truck, "WHIPLASH"! Our CB classes, and specifically, one of our CB students, Christopher Fisher was completely surprised with having a Monster truck from Monster Jam right outside his classroom door.

This was a very special and celebratory visit: Monster Jam and Gigi's Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Centers wanted it to be a surprise and celebrate the abilities and accomplishments of those living with Down Syndrome; this was all in honor of Down Syndrome Acceptance Month.

Christopher was completely surprised and was all smiles along with his classmates, teachers, and staff. He was presented with tickets to the monster truck jam event this weekend. Awesome, right!? And, he will even be on the news this evening!