Attendance Office

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  • If your son/daughther will be absent, please contact the Attendance Office IMMEDIATELY.  They can be reached at 623.915.8201 or 623.915.8211.

***Please check back periodically for updated information*** 

An absence is defined as a student's nonattendance in his/her classroom during an assigned period and is a result of: 
  • Personal illness verified by parent/guardian
  • Doctor or dentist appointment
  • Serious family illness or death in the family
  • Suspension
  • Prior notification by parent to Administration
When a student is absent, parents are required to call the attendance office at (623) 915.8201 or (623) 915.8211 before 2 p.m. on the day of the absence. Notes from parents will be accepted in extenuating circumstances. Absences for recognized religious holidays require prior notification in order not to be subject to the 13 absence/tardy limit.

For absences other than those listed above, the parent or guardian should make arrangements in advance with the administration. Calls from students are not acceptable. Direct verbal communication between parent and school is the best deterrent of truancies. Parental support in attendance matters will allow the administration to deal promptly and effectively with those students who are absent without their parent's permission.
Students who reach 8 absences and/or tardies in one or more classes will be placed on ACADEMIC PROBATION in ALL of their classes. Students placed on academic probation are in the danger of LOSING CREDIT in 1 or more classes.
A student who reaches his/her thirteenth (13) absence and/or tardy may lose credit eligibility in the class or classes in which the 13 absences/tardies are recorded. Tardies due to a variety of situations which occur WILL NOT be excused (i.e. car trouble, power outage, oversleeping, ride was late, alarm not going off, etc.).

Students may not leave campus during the school day without first checking out through the Nurse or the Attendance Office. Leaving campus without a pass is a truancy.  Students who fail to comply will be subject to disciplinary action.

If you become ill at school, please obtain a pass from your classroom teacher to report to the nurse. (Students will not be admitted to the nurse without a pass).  The nurse will determine if you are well enough to go home on your own and will contact your parents for permission to leave campus. The nurse will then issue a permit to leave campus.  Students must sign in and out when dealing with the nurse's office.

If you have an appointment, your parent or guardian should call the attendance office in advance to request your dismissal. You will be called to the office and issued a permit to leave campus. Sign out on the appropriate form in the attendance office.

Students must sign out in the office before leaving campus.