Cortez Gets New Addition

Welding Classes Add New Addition to Cortez
August 2013- CHS Advanced Welding students and teacher Nick Wostl have been busy making a beautiful new addition to Cortez. For the past month, the Advanced Welding students have built Cortez's mascot, a colt, out of aluminum to adorn the Cortez auditorium's east wall. The students designed the colt on drafting software, then cut aluminum pieces to weld together in the shape of a colt. The piece was then anchored onto the brick wall of the auditorium. The colt faces the 31st Avenue parking lot and is a great new addition to the building.

Nick Wostl says he hopes to do future projects like this for Cortez. "It's a great way to get students involved and for them to take pride in their campus," said Wostl.  

Job well done to Nick Wostl and his welding classes!