Susan Johnson


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Per: 1   Prep

Per: 2   Thinking Science

Per: 3   Environmental Science

Per: 4   Environmental Sicence

Per: 5   Lunch

Per: 6   Thinking Science

Per: 7   Thinking Science

Atmosphere for Achievement!
Consistent attendance is necessary to ensure success in this course.  Thirteen (13) or more absences will result in a notification plus possible audit/drop from course and loss of credit.

Required Materials: 3-Ring binder, notebook paper, pencil(s), highlighter(s), glue stick

Homework: Assignments are given throughout the course with due dates posted both written and verbally. Practice/homework is a necessary component in order to facilitate success in the course.  All homework is due on the due date, with 10% off the possible score deducted for each day late.  All papers must be legible and have the required heading to receive credit.  There is no extra credit.  The appropriate heading for all papers is as follows:  

  • Last Name, First Name: If two last names, at minimum the letter of the 1st last name followed by the 2nd last name                                                                                                  
  • Date
  • Period
  • Assignment: on tests/quizzes, to include test form letter and #:

Missing due to absence/Late work: All work is due on posted due date.  Any late work may receive partial credit…losing 10% of possible score per day late.  For late work, is the student’s responsibility to look up (in the daily assignment log book), request, complete (1 day per day or excused absence), and then turn in the missing work.  Late work due date will commence after allotted days per absence have passed.  Do not get behind as you will then be required to work both missing work and current class work at the same time.  Extra time is not allocated for scheduled extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, etc.).  There is no extra credit for this course.

Extra Help: I am available (barring a scheduled meeting) for extra help before school (by appt.) and after school.

Grading: All grades will be updated at minimum 1/week…if any entries are outstanding to date

The grading scale is: The Grade Weighting is :

  • 90% - 100% A Test/Quizzes 50%
  • 80% - 89%       B Classwork/Homework =  30%
  • 70% - 79%            C Final Exams: CRT/PBA= 20%
  • 60% - 69%            D
  • 59 & below            F Total:  = 100%

Testing Protocol: All assessments are an opportunity for students to demonstrate understanding and application of learned material(s) in a controlled setting.  Any student not satisfied with their test score, may schedule a re-take of the test with the teacher, within a “reasonable” time period of the initial test.  During testing there is to be no talking among students while any test(s) are out, no communication of any kind between students, all questions directed to teacher, and all electronic devices turned off and off person.  Violation of any of the following will be a testing violation and result in a score of 0 with no opportunity to re-take. 

Classroom Rules: Your behavior must aid in maintaining the best possible classroom learning environment and cannot infringe on the rights or needs of others. 

  • Come prepared…required materials listed above
  • On time…any student not in their seat when the “start” bell rings will be considered tardy
  • Listen and Learn…listen to all directions the first time
  • Treat all with respect…both individuals and classroom
  • School & District rules apply…dress code enforced, no food and/or drink (other than water) allowed in class