Borrowing eBooks from the Glendale Union High School District Libraries
  • eBooks work like “normal” library books. The library has a “copy” of each book. When that copy is checked out, the status for the book will read “Wait” indicating that it is not on the “shelf” at the time. You must wait for the item to be returned in order to check it out.

  • If a “copy” of the book is available, you will be able to add it to your “locker,” check it out and download the book.

  • eBooks expire after 14 days. You may check them back in early.

  • You may check out up to 3 eBooks at any one time from the Glendale Union High School District (GUHSD).
Step 1: Search for a book you would like to check out from the GUHSD Overdrive Library. You will need to log in to the library by using your I.D. number and password.

Click here to access the GUHSD Overdrive Library