On September 25, 2018, forty-seven cadets from the Cortez High School Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) visited Arizona State University’s School of Earth Science & Space Exploration (SESE).  The field trip provided exposure to “real-world” scientific exploration and offered powerful insight for an education or career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The students toured the 300,000 sq ft. SESE’s Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building, which houses exhibit galleries, research clean rooms, the Mars Space Flight Facility, NASA Mars Science Laboratory, and a 3-D planetarium. Additionally, the students’ field trip included:

-Exploration Systems Engineering.The students learned about the ASU’s collaboration with NASA using innovative technology in various space exploration programs at the Mars Space Flight Facility, such as the Mars rover programs that are analyzing the geology and mineral components of the Martian planet.In addition, exploration of our moon continues today with the impending launch of the Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper, an ASU-developed, lunar orbiter the size of a cereal box designed to look for traces of hydrogen, a key component of water.

-Center for Meteorite Studies, which has the largest university-based meteorite collection in the world, second only to the Smithsonian Institute’s collection.

      The highlight of the field trip was a spectacular 60-minute 3-D astronomy show in the university’s Marston Exploration Theater.   The narrated presentation provided a virtual excursion of our solar system and the outer limits of our universe, chronicling images and exploration not from a traditional earth’s perspective, but rather from a space-
borne perspective.


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