Cadet Fitness Challenge Scores

Congratulatons to the cadets who qualified and achieved a passing status on the most recent Cadet Fitness Challenge Cycle (December 2017)

                                   Unit Overall PT Achievement Rate:  14%

                     Alpha Platoon:  33%
Apodaca (Bronze Award)
Criss, Jaelynn (Bronze Award)
Paw  (Silver Award)

                     Bravo Platoon:  9%
Brice (Bronze Award)

                     Charlie Platoon: 10%
Hodges (Silver Award)   -------------- Top Female 234 points
Slick (Bronze Award)

                     Delta Platoon: 20%
Criss, Jordynn (Bronze Award)
Diaz (Silver Award)
Wardein (Bronze Award)

                    Echo Platoon: .04%
Georgees, Ghazal (Bronze Award)

                    Foxtrot Platoon: 11.4% 
Georgees, Ghazwan  (Gold Award)   ------------- Top Male Cadet  248 points
Kwete (Bronze Award)
Sammah (Bronze Award)